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Global Investments

Luxembourg S.A.


In order to sustainably and steadily increase the assets of our customers, we rely on a 2 pillar model in the core business area with the development of capital market products and projects.

This enables us to aim for higher returns in the medium and long term than with traditional investments.




We create and manage assets

Transparency combined with modern speed is important for our customers and us

High Performance

We average an 8 to 15 percent yield on our investments..


Flexible Investments

Full access to your investment at any given time.

Globally Invested

We are using our global network to find the best investment oppurtunities.

In the field of FX trading, we rely on experienced strategists and proven systems. This area should generate above-average returns within the E.T. certificate in the short and medium term.

Based on the current economic situation, the forex area is connected with systems that partially work on AI more successfully than other risky alternatives

In the area of ​​capital market projects, we let our customers participate in the future. Within the E.T. certificate, the investor benefits from the profits, investments and a partial or exit.

We combine business with sustainability

Focus on long-term success

Invest in the future with the E.T. certificate

Evolution Technology

Focus of the E.T. certificate:

Liquidity management

(min. 20 percent buffer)

Tiered project financing

combined with control mechanisms (investment up to 40 percent)

Investment partially based on artificial intelligence

in the alternative financial productsector (up to 80 percent)

Our task is to minimise the risk through our investment and project strategies.

Companies and family offices have invested in alternative investments for a very long time. From a historical perspective, these are the classes of investment with the highest returns, despite inflation and risk. With the E.T. certificate you also invest in them.

The focus of AJ projects as the global brand of Global Investments Luxembourg S.A. involves developing financially sustainable capital market projects and then consistently building them up. The shareholders and partners consciously chose an international focus of AJ projects.

The company has an in-depth focus on capital, assured by its shareholders and by additional investors.

Some examples of our main current projects


Issue date 09.07.2021
Expected volatility p.a. 7 -10%
Target performance p.a. 10 – 15%
Issue size 500,000,000 euros
Issue type Alternative investment
Setup fee 5%
Management fee 2% p.a.
Performance fee 20% p.a.
Tenor 10 years
Minimum Investment 100,000 euros
Denomination 10,000 euros
Determination of price monthly
Listing Luxembourg
ISIN CH1108674032
Valor 110867403

Multi asset with E.T. certificate


The management team pursues a global approach to identify market trends rapidly and to implement them in the various asset classes.


The company opts for sustainable projects and strategies and employs artificial intelligence mechanisms in some cases in the investment sector.


We view ESG integration combined with daily calculation of prices and monthly publication as the basis for transparent collaboration with our customers and investors.


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